Here are some quick-and-dirty bullet points that may help you from being scammed when looking for SEO work.  For those of you who don’t know, SEO means Search Engine Optimization.

  1. You were promised that your site could be in the top of Google before the “SEO GUY” even saw your site or knew your keywords.
  2. Your “SEO GUY” says that what you need is on-site keyword optimization, some backlinks, and other generic formula.
  3. You didn’t find your “SEO GUY”, they found you.
  4. Your “GEO GUY” shows you past results but only for long-tail keywords.
  5. Your “SEO GUY” is so inexpensive it is amazing.

These are just some bullet points I quickly threw together.  If you are interested in having SEO work done on your site, contact me and we will talk.