Here it is, my first official SCAM post.  I will look at the website being sold in this auction on the online website marketplace called “Flippa“.

The site being sold is called and, as you can see it has only been registered since December of 2009.  I think this listing is a total SCAM and here is why:

  1. The “Video Proof”
    I think this is the most obvious.  If you look carefully at the video proof you will see that the commissions start in NOVEMBER 2009, this is BEFORE the site was even registered.  So, the commissions shown cannot be from this site.  The payout date on the commissions is December 15, 2009 which is just four days after the domain name was registered.  This cannot be if the commissions are indeed from this site.  I feel we are looking at a video of commissions that are coming from somewhere else.
  2. The site does nothing
    Visit the site and you will notice it is just a shell.  It does ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.  The seller claims that this is because it is waiting for your affiliate link to be setup.  But I ask you, if this site is making $1000+ per month (which I doubt, see above) then WHY would the seller remove the functionality just to sell it.  I assume buyers want to see how it works!
  3. Secrets, secrets, and more secrets
    Notice the seller mentions a “secret formula” and some exclusive software but doesn’t bother to explain it at all.  Wherever their are secrets you should be wary.  Now, there are trade secrets that need to be protected but look at the listing.  Something stinks, no?  Lots of secrets here indeed!

To me this site is an OBVIOUS SCAM.  I would avoid it at all costs.  As always, I offer to the seller a chance to come clean…  I understand you may need some cash — come clean, contact me, and I will be happy to help you earn HONEST money online!