Over the past few weeks I have seen a seller, invictus7 selling a bunch of PPC sites on Flippa.  These sites are nice looking and their description makes them sound VERY appealing.

PPC sites are not only good for making money but also for generating a lot of traffic at no cost. With your own PPC search engine you will have an easier way to generate traffic then with most other type of websites, if you follow the system your site can generate thousands of visitors per day quickly and for free with little work, so you will have no expenses on advertising if you don’t want to. Also the site will help you generate and feed traffic to your other sites (if you own any other websites).   Just for the traffic generating possibilities alone it’s good to own your own PPC website.

Ah.  The promise of little to no work and yet tons of traffic.  How will it generate this traffic?  The content on the site is not unique, so where will these people come from?  Also, read this..

I’m selling GigaMusicCenter.com because now I’m in a different business, I’ve decided to sell all my websites and this is one of my remaining PPC sites from my network.  New domain was registered for this site, old domain and members were sold separately, so the site can be considered a new turnkey site ready for business.

This is one of the remaining PPC sites in the network but it is NEW at the same time?  The old domain and members were sold separately, so this was just created for sale on Flippa, right?

I asked this seller some basic questions:

Can you provide some examples of these PPC sites you have or have sold that are making money and have traffic?  Is the site running on custom software or out-of-the-box software?  How many of these sites does the seller have since he has already sold many?

The seller responded with a threatening letter.  Go figure!  I would call this seller and his web offerings a SCAM!  I would stay away from them as in my 15 years of experience I have never seen one of these work.  I challenge the seller to provide evidence of the contrary!