On April 1, 2010 this email went out to my clients…its look like April Fool joke but you have to keep read everything and see how small joke can turn into reality :

Hello, You are receiving this message if you have done business with "Christopher Avell" (aka "Christopher B. Avell", "Chris Avell") in the past 36 months. The investigation team at 9MG.NET has been investigating Mr. Avell for the past 18 months and has lawfully attained contact records which indicate that you have been involved in either a business investment or online transaction with Mr. Avell in the past 36 months. Please be advised that even if you have not made a financial transaction with Mr. Avell your information could be used for the purposes of identity theft or interstate fraud. We hope that you will assist in our investigation by visiting the case form at http://www.9mg.net/cases/use/CAINvestigation2010/form1.html and following the instructions.
*Nine Milligrams is an independent  investigation firm committed to protecting individuals from online fraud and scams.  Nine Milligrams is not a government agency nor is Nine Milligrams employed by any government agency.


This is what Chri Avell from flippingethics.com have to say on April Fool but ITS TURN OUT HE DIDN’T JOKE he told us a store of his life i found out he own the site flippingethics.com and you can see all about this guy on our site just click on the link Chris Avell or you can read all about his company BEFORE TV LLC he use to “report”  to flippa.commmmmm by saying used i ment he still reporting to flippa about other seller that may selling site similar to his site so flippa will suspend the seller account and he cn sell his own websites.

he own 120 domains half of them are actuallywebsites he made so much money out of them and he also have more then 1 flippa account actually he have more then 10 account each one under different name and different IP number.