As you know, much of this site has focused on thus far;  Flippa has established itself as the leader in website marketplaces.  If you want to buy a pre-built website, go to Flippa.

While Flippa does offer a nice marketplace for buying and selling websites, the problem is their focus on “Website Flipping”…  Flippa promotes website flipping, as the name “Flippa” implies.


Flipping a website basically means building a website for the sole purpose of reselling it.  As opposed to building one for the purpose of growing it and building income from it.  It can also mean buying a website and then reselling it for more than you purchased it for…  Much like the old “real estate flipping” that was very popular before the infamous “real estate bubble burst”.


At the core, there really is no problem with flipping a website.  If you build a nice unique website and someone wants to buy it — there is no problem with that.  The reason I declare the trend of website flipping an epidemic is because of the TYPES of websites often being flipped.

We live in a culture that loves the idea of little work and big payouts.  And, it is easy to see why that would be appealing.  So, since “little effort, big potential” is a big selling point, many westie flippers will build sites around this very concept.  The websites they build tend to have a simple formula.

  1. Use WordPress or Another Content Management System (Management)
  2. Use a Stock Theme and Simply Customize the Graphics (Design)
  3. Fill the Site with Google Adwords, Amazon Links, and other Affiliate Programs (Monitization)
  4. Use AutoBlogging Software to Fill the Sites with Articles and NewsFeeds (Content)

This simple formula is used in roughly 90% of the sites you see being flipped on websites such as Flippa.  Here is the problem…

While this simple formula allows those who are flipping websites what they want — a simple to build website that looks great and offers several profit streams…


While this simple formula gives the website buyer what they want — the offer of little work and big potential…

There is as close to ZERO chance of these websites making any money at all.  The sites use RECYCLED content and stock themes to give the appearance of a nice, established, niche site.  But, in fact, they are just useless placeholders littering the internet with junk.  For a good example of this, just check out the sites listed on Flippa under the tag “autoblog”.  Here you can see the ugly epidemic in action, site after site with nothing more than nice-looking recycled content.

These sites get ignored for the most part by the search engines.  Search engines, like Google, don’t want their results to be filled with the same information.  Variety is the key to a good search engine.  So, this recycled content is exactly what they are NOT looking for…  They do, in fact, ignore it.  And, the poor suckers who buy these sites wonder how their beautiful niche sites fail to earn any profit.

Not only do these sites not work, but as sites like Google see more and more of it popping up, they look for a trend.  This means that the “trend” of pop-up sites built on easy CMS (Content Management Systems) will cause Google, and other search engines, to start to reject these sites over time — even the LEGITIMATE ONES!  The mighty GoogleBot looks and says “most of these sites a junk, therefore I must not give too much credit to any site built this way — it is probably junk too”.

These “website flipping fiends” are rapidly destroying the opportunity that is available on the internet!!  They make it harder and harder each day to establish a new website and the bring the day when BIG MONEY will rule the internet closer-and-closer.

Don’t believe me? This is exactly what has happened time and time again on Google.  A few years ago, someone could make a good living on Google just by advertising affiliate links…  But what happened?? Copycat after copycat filled Google’s AdWords with affiliate links and flooded all the most popular terms.  The result?  Google banned this form of promotion and ended the direct-affiliate-promotion gold rush forever!

So, I ask of you — DO NOT SUPPORT THE PROBLEM — do not buy or build (or buy-into) any website that promises “AUTOMATED CONTENT” where you can make money on “AUTOPILOT”.  Be part of the SOLUTION, not part of the PROBLEM.  If you are a website flipper, then buy and flip websites that are UNIQUE and offer quality ORIGINAL content.  Sure, some news feeds are a good thing…  But not a site that fills up with articles from other sites and is just full of recycled junk!  If you buy websites or are looking to buy a website, ONLY buy one that offers a unique property to the worldwide web.  Something that is full of original content and original ideas.  Save yourself from losing money and save the future entrepreneurs from loosing the opportunity that exists on the internet!  Please…