Well, it’s another day and there is another seller offering easy money on Flippa.  Here is the listing:


This seller (Younicsoft) has been selling “autoblog” sites for a while on Flippa and hasn’t had much success.  Which is a good thing, but I do feel badly for him.  Most scammers are also victims…  I am sure he read some ebook or some website that preached to him how easy it was to make autoblog (auto content / robot) websites and “flip them”.  So, he put the advice to work and is passing on the scam; trying to make a living.

This seems to be the trend…  Getting scammed, then scamming others.  I believe much of it is unintentional.  After all, if you read a guide that tells you a quick-and-easy way to make money — and it sounds good — you’re probably going to try it.  And, often, they do not cry out “ETHICAL FOUL”.  So, it can be an easy cycle to participate in.  The “flip a website” epidemic has increased this 10-fold over the past 18 months.

This poor sucker is probably just trying to make money doing what he was told is so easy to do…  But, either way, I would not buy one of his “autoblog” websites.  They certainly are NOT money machines!!