I realized I had never checked my SPAM box on Gmail so I thought I would take a look, and I found this email.

Hi Chris,
I read your post about me scamming people, I believe you are  yourassasin from Flippa.
You don’t act like a Christian you claim to be. So much hate and lies from you, it’s disturbing.

I believed you crossed the line between just expressing your opinion and defamation.
I can prove everything I said is true and never scammed anyone and never mislead anyone.
I even offer money back if my claims are not true or if it doesn’t work for the buyer.
Is that what scammers do ?

I ignored you and did not answer your questions because you attacked me first before you asked
anything, you insulted me first before you even attempted to talk like a normal person. You even violated
Flippa policy and Flippa almost banned you.

What you wrote is based on your assumptions, not on facts, just your opinion and foolish belief you are an expert of everything on the internet and that you know it all.
If you stated just your opinion, I would have no problem with that. But you went too far to publicly accuse me of scam and cause negative impact on me personally and defame my name and business, all this without even having any evidence to back it up.

I understand you need material for your website, so you desperately looking for something you can call a scam, and in this search for material for your new business venture, you went too far. There are plenty of scammers, posting fake screenshots, fake traffic stats, but you decided to attack me because the way I responded to you and for reporting you to Flippa that almost got you banned.
So now you angry and you made it personal and you went too far. You maybe don’t realize that because you blinded with hate and your belief you know it all. You exploit others for your benefit, bringing others down to have material for your business venture, to try to make you look like some kind of authority and expert on the internet.

If you were a honest person and followed what your religion teaches, you would not make such claims and attacks without  verifying the facts first.

I will be nice here and I will give you a chance to reconsider your accusations and resolve this matter without filling a defamation lawsuit against you if don’t have to.
So please respond to this email and state clearly in what way I scam people. What part of my website selling is dishonest ? misleading ? and how exactly my scam works ? how I scam my customers when i offer them money back if doesn’t work for them and if they are not satisfied?
Answer me and I will respond to you and your concerns. Be sure to give me some valid arguments, not just your personal beliefs, your personal beliefs will not stand in court if I decide to start defamation lawsuit.
Show me some facts.

For some of my customers I’m often up to 3 AM in the morning to make their wishes, do custom changes for free, help them and teach them. Things that no other seller will do for free.
Is this a scam if I offer them safest and no risk purchase when they can get their money back if not satisfied ?
is this a scam if they can make the money they spend on the site in a few weeks  ? or even longer if they take their time.
Just because you don’t understand where the traffic would come from, how it works and just because you don’t believe me, doesn’t give you the right to make public false accusations against me in order to get material for your scam catching blog business.

My customers are happy and they have option to get money back. Who else offers that ? Find me other seller who offers that and has clean record and zero refunds requests. I must be some genius scammer then.
Did you offered money back to your customers if your website you sold doesn’t work for them ? I don’t think so. So it looks like it’s safer to buy from me then from you. At least people can return the website to me if it turns out I lied or overstated something.
As for your question, if they will make money with the sites, any smart person knows that as with any business some will and some will not, that doesn’t mean the business is good or bad.
Some start making money from day one, some will not follow any instructions, some will get some traffic and advertisers quickly and flip it for quick profit.

I would like to hear in what way I scam people, so far I did not found any good arguments in what you wrote. In fact I see your lack of knowledge and understanding and your accusations coming from that.

Show me that you are not a fake, and that you are not an angry fool who is doing this to retaliate for me reporting you to Flippa, and  just to have material for his scam catching blog venture. Show me that you are a reasonable person, so far you didn’t presented yourself to me that way.

Step by step, explain to me how I scam people and what gives you the right to call me a scammer publicly,
and why I should I not file a defamation lawsuit ? Do you have some valid arguments ?  Waiting for your response.

Invictus7 on Flippa.

Wow. Quite a rant. First off, I am not even going to address your attacks on my faith or religion.

But, there is really nothing needed be addressed here either as, you are also, in my opinion a liar… So, I guess this is a good time to address one of your points.

I can prove everything I said is true and never scammed anyone and never mislead anyone.

Ok… But here is what you sent to me in a PM (I bolded the key text):

And I stated in my auction description that I’m selling all my sites, I’m not producing any new ones. All my sites and domains were owned by me for many years, and I plan to sell them all until I have zero websites.
So yes I will be listing more sites for sale, sites I owned and operated for past 8 years.

So, is this true? ARE you not producing new ones as you claim?  You are only selling them all until you have zero, you are only selling sites that you have owned and operated for 8 years?

You know this is NOT true! So, you lied and misled right there.  So, I really don’t feel the need to further engage you.  If you want to make a comment here, fine.  Be assured I will reply.