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Just check this out yourself. Sedo asks you to verify your account now. An option is to use your credit card to verify. So they charge 7 bucks to verify this,and are suppose to cancel the debit immediately after. Well I checked and sure enough there was the 7 dollar credit and the 7 dollar debit.

BUT now I checked today and I have two $7 debits! With 0 credits. I would like someone else to try this out and see what happens. Now I have to contact my bank and get this cleared up. It’s funny a #1 sign to me is when you try to contact a website and there is no easy way to do so.

Try to contact Sedo and see what I am talking about.

On another note how about this….I get the feeling these type of sites make fake listings and juice up there transactions…I mean think about it a site like Flippa gets 20 a pop plus a success fee…Why not just make fake listings all day? I see sites and domains that sell for no reason I could tell you. AND it’s always like 1 bid out the blue who decided to “buy it now”. Check for yourself. I have sites and domains that are really valuable but why would they let me make a sale on their site without some strife?

I think the business model is collecting the registration fee.I also believe Flippa sellers are the same people or team. I am good at recognizing patterns and you can sense something is not right over there.

Anyways I like the site and am just a little angry right now about my cc. Later.

I think you are just a bit shaken from your experience.  I think Sedo is a genuine company and, just like the rest of us, not perfect.  If contact them and wait, they will likely refund your charges.  Be sure you didn’t agree to any other billing.

As to your theories on Flippa.  I think doubt they are collecting fees – from themselves.  They may have some partners, etc who sell sites there but this is a marketplace.  This is what it is all about.