Here is an email I received…



IS A: Website for Sale

Message Body:
Thank you for this forum. I’ve read your tips on flippa scams.

Is this offer a scam? Do you see any potential for this site?

Here is what I think…

This is simply an autoblog site.  It looks nice but lacks original content.  So, basically what you are paying for is the custom header.  The design is not really unique it is a (most likely illegal/unauthorized) copy of the Church Theme by iStudioPress.

So, if you want to pay for a header and a website that will need to be rebuilt then it is ok.  Otherwise, stay away!  Autoblogs are no good and neither are sites built on probably stolen themes.  If I were you, I would ask this seller if he realizes he is selling a hacked theme and give him the link you see here.  If this goes for under $50 you might buy it if you like the domain name and the header…  But, yes, it is JUNK.