Here is an email I received from someone who felt like they have been scammed…


IS A: Flippa Website Sale

Message Body:
Just wanna share with this blog about my experience of buying from invictus7. I had bought traffic reseller website called on 3rd May 2010.

Poor me, I fell on the trap when he said that the website is the last of its kind, make me gushed to bid like crazy. I feel like I got scammed when I see that the seller still got a plenty of similar website to sell. Plus, he said the exact same thing to other potential customer who asked him questions.

Back to the website that I bought, its totally junk!! Useless!! Personally, I believe that i possess a skill that I named it as ‘Midas Touch’. Because, I had several online business from dropshipping, affiliate and CPA. It is always that I can make a sale from the very same day that I post my item.

But, different story with this junk website that I bought for $480, coz I couldn’t make any sales, and the 30th day of running the website is due. I had followed every instructions that given from him, but its pretty useless. At this moment I’m pretty sure that I will not get my money back after countless messages that I sent to him.

Sad though that Flippa is standing firm behind this scammer.


Sorry to hear that you were scammed by Invictus7.  He has been the subject of several posts on this site.  If you would like help recovering your $$ please use the “Contact Us” form on this page and we can see what can be done.  Read more about Invictus7 here.