Look at a couple of emails I got from Mr. Pappas today.

From: George <salespappysportspicks@gmail.com>
Subject: Hello

Message Body:
Hello Chris, I would like to point out you are using images that do not belong to you and prosecution could go into affect. I suggest you remove this falsely listing of myself and remove all tags and images. I will give you 48 hours.

Ok, prosecute away…

…and this one…

From: Law
Subject: I suggest

Message Body:
You remove all of those allegations on G pappas or this website will get shut down. I have the authority to do so. Trust me

Well, I will take those as a threat and be sure to backup my server remotely – as I already do. But also to take a snapshot of all pages.

Funny thing to notice, these messages from Mr. Pappas Jr are coming from the SAME ADDRESS claimed to be that of “Will Ambra”. And, one comes from “George” and another from “Law”.