Flippa recently announced a new sales record on their blog.  And while I am happy for my friends at Flippa I have to wonder if the person writing the blog did much, if any, real research.  I mean, SHOULD Flippa be boasting about this…?

Here are the sites they chose to highlight:

Let’s move on to seniorpictures.com which Flippa shows us sold for $50k.

The site was already sold once on Flippa (for a measly $17k back in February) where the original seller disclaims how she made the sales and the fact that all the current listings are up for renewal.  Well, guess what — fast forward five months and all the listings are still up for renewal and the new seller gets $50k for a site with a bunch of bad links (to another site).  This site has a very nice ranking in Google for “Senior Pictures” but not much else.

Then we have www.peplas.se which “sold” for $15,000.

Notice that sold is in quotes?  If it did sell for $15,000 then why is the same seller listing it again for much less?  Not to mention that the numbers on this site do not add up at all!

The fact is that these listings that Flippa is boasting are perhaps the WORST examples of sites sold.  I am just surprised, it seems Flippa really went out of their way to give the appearance of not caring about the validity of their marketplace.  I until this point have been a defender of Flippa as a whole — it is tough to have a website marketplace that is both high quality (low junk) and profitable.  But this “look at our success” post makes me wonder.