Here is an email I received…



IS A: Website for Sale

Message Body:
Hi Chris,

First of all I wanted to thank you for all the valuable info you and your site are providing us with. I was browsing and came across this – and really interested in bidding.
What is your feedback? Is it a possible scam? Is the revenue fictitious.. or do you think it’s real genuine revenue generated monthly?



Here is what I think…

$120,000 for a website that is selling a product which is in a “gray” area at best?  NOOOO WAY!  I am sure that Craig’s List is not on board with selling these FAKE accounts in bulk, aren’t you?  So, should Craig’s List take a firm stand against these — you’re sunk.

Also, it seems that the main revenue is coming from a few steady clients.  While this in-and-of-itself is not a bad thing, it will become a major issue if one of these clients decides to stop purchasing.  Plus, the seller really isn’t disclosing the source of his traffic…  Just some generic babble.

This rings no-no in every way.  Considering $25,000+ for this site – NO WAY!!!