Wow, we got hacked on the 4th of October and it was a doozy.  Congratulations to the hacker and my apologies in advance to “” com for having to report this to the FBI directly.  They do not take hack attempts lightly, even if you didn’t do it yourself but hired help.

I did also suspect Guy’s  that working at” thy hire Chris Avell from the company BEFORE TV LLC he try to spam my site in the past  as a but the evidence seems to be leading more towards .  Either way, I will let the feds sort that out.

But again, congratulations.  The hack did cause me quite the headache and I did miss a day of work where I had important things to get done.  In fact, this will most likely put me out 2 more days and quite a bit of money as I will need to add security to the server and also pay to have off-site monitoring since all the local log files were erased.  Great job!