Here is an email I received from someone who felt like they have been scammed…


IS A: Flippa Website Sale

Message Body:
Hi, I’m in the sports handicapping industry, and I was looking for additional website to purchase when I came across George Pappas Jr from… I noticed that he was selling it on Flippa, however I contacted him at the email docsportsservice@gmal, and he told me that we would sell it to me for $1500 and also provide me with a list of 232 customers, which he didn’t have, I then also hired him as a handicapper, and realized that he wasn’t a “real handicapper” I paid him money for his services, and his website, and he screwed me big time! He changed all the access acounts at the last minute from godaddy, so I couldn’t get access, then He Slandered me on the forums saying that I WAS I Scam artist??? I have never had any complants about me or my business…. THEN I found this website, and found him on here with complants that he has done this before?? This guy needs to go down…. My attorneys are working on this matter right now!!! Any extra info on this guy??? His girlfriend is in on it too, and she also is on this site, named Jessica Briddes…Check it out

Here are my thoughts…

Yes, we have plenty on Pappas and Briddes.  This scammer is one of the worst I have come across.  He cannot even handicap sports?  Big surprise.  He offered to pay one of the people he scammed off in sports picks.  Lol.