This guy never stops, it is so sad.  If I could meet this guy I would give him a big hug and share Gods word with him.  He needs the Light in his life so badly.  But instead he insists on going further and further down into the rabbit hole.

He is now selling on Website Broker.   If you have seen anything from Pappas before, you know the claim — making thousands, I will email you proof of last three months.  Of course the site was registered less than a month ago.

He also has decided to build a site to use to defame his ousters…  The concept is — I will continue posting bad stuff about you until you take the stuff you have posted about me down. Of course, what he is posting is just some babbling nonsense and if anyone has a concern about his postings I would be happy to address them here.  As I have stated before, this is a common direction many take — if you post about me, I will post about you.  Ah, the internet!

But, I have no hard feelings towards George.  I want him to stop scamming people, but I would be happy to help him move forward in any way I can.  I know Andre who originally contacted me about George has forgiven him and moved on as well.  t is so unfortunate that Pappas has chosen to continue down a self-destructive path.

George, man, I would be happy to talk to you.  There is freedom in cleaning up and moving forward.  Way before this time next year this can all be behind you. Don’t fight for pride; you know what the truth is.  We have PayPal screenshots, Flippa shots, conversations with you, etc all clearly showing what as occurred.  If you wish, I can release all of the information I have so that the public can make a better decision as to what has transpired to tarnish your name.  But, as you have asked me not to I am still honoring that request.

George, until I hear from you, I recommend you not head down the path of blackmail and defamation.  Do you think the result is going to be positive?  I am, as is always extended, offering you a better option.  Take care.