flippingethics.com Chris Avell His Mistake Cost Other Business Lost Customers And Money

Our apology’s to “Best Web Solutions” and their agents for false accusations, after a very deep investigation thy have proven us wrong. This company is specializing in selling websites for out of USA customers or company’s.

The previous owner of this site apparently did not investigate deep enough and thought that those agents are trying to make a fraud/scam throw the internet we can now gladly say that THY DID NOT.

they are still working in that region and selling sites to people in USA our opinions is if you really like the sites you should defiantly buy it thy will give you all the information that the sellers have giving them including support, smooth transaction throw escrow.com with contract and bill of sale like this you can be sure that you are getting the site, all the information and support.

Our Sincere apology to those agents :

David Brown, Vikram, Jessica, David Mizrahi, Talia.