The owner of the site is NO LONGER RELIABLE

Chris Avell is the biggest scammer on the internet, he owns the company BEFORE TV LLC, he is all about buying domains develop websites and doing some SEO and sell them for double or triple then they really worth, lets take for example his site he sold it for $4200 when the site only worth $240.

he develop the sites and  connected to each other so he can supposedly catch scammers and he build to him self this empire of lies so his costumers will trust him and wont buy any other websites. he added those websites to his blog so those people wont be able to sell their sites.

after we purchase the site from him we have decided to investigate if his work was really troth or not and we have find out this:

we found out that Mr. Chris Avell own 120 domains some of them are all ready website’s that he have post for sell on .

also we find out that anyone hwo try to sell their sites on their accounts was suspendet due to his false report therefore he is probably getting money from to do it, or he is just afraid from a little competition…

also we find out that he tried to sell both of the sites on for $4800 but when i contact him to buy them he told me that he wants $3700 for each one of them and he insist on that price too ,scam or not u decide…

overall if I knew that I would buy a site from someone like that i would never have done it, after I confronted him about that he decided that i am a scammers to, and he decided to post it on the site that I didn’t want to buy from him

But I am so glad that i got the site from him so justice can be done,

My name is Pini.B. and my goal is to take real scammers’ like Chris Avell out from the net for good…