I received latter from Samuel

i try to order something from this website www.makeyourwifehot.com and i never received it i try so many times to contact the seller/owner of the site but he never respond i told the story to my friend and he said that its also happened to him when he try to order he never received the book or some link so he can download the book

there is a way to get our money back ? i will not ask if THIS IS  A SCAM because its obviously one big scam

This is what i think : this kind of websites taking money from Innocent people and thy all ways blame the Internet for example i did place an order with them and i also didn’t received the Ebook i found out that the previous owner of the site was Chris Avell from the company BEFORE TV LLC he used to do it all the time until someone made a really deep investigation and all most track down all his info until he had no choice and he sold the site on flippa (click here for more option)

i think he showed the new owner all the ways how to scam people so he can continue his legacy.

MY ADVICE : if you paid with paypal call paypal and dispute the charge, if you paid with credit card call the credit card company and dispute the charge 99.9% thy will refund you and if you want you can all ways print this page and show it to them.