we try to avoid any comment regarding george anthony pappas jr because its a story that never end, the FBI have george anthony pappas jr

in jail and
Release him after few weeks now he back to his old track so we have to sheer with the world the email that we received : (we hide the name of the person that send us the email)

Message Body:
George is a scammer, im XXXX and he i use to live at my boss’s house because im a nanny and he committed identity theft on my boss and her husband and she pressed charges. I later found out after he and i broke up that he also opened bank accounts in my name and i am now in the process of trying to fix my credit and have gone to the cops to have this criminal prosecuted for stealing my identity also. No one should ever trust him or buy any type of sites from him because he’s sneaky and will be a criminal for life. He has been in trouble with the law all his life and i can’t see him stopping anytime soon. I saw this site and thought i could offer some extra insight considering i have been involved with him and have first hand knowledge of what he has done and is capable of doing. I hope this knowledge helps someone else before they become a victim of george anthony pappas jr