we received few emails regarding HAIM FELDMAN FROM ISRAEL this is one of them from 2 weeks ago :

My name is David G***** and few weeks ago i sold my business to HAIM FELDMAN FROM ISRAEL this guy claim that he can pay for my business only via paypal he all ways claim that all his money saved into his paypal account, after so many emails back and forward i decided to sell it to “haim feldman” (if this is his real name) via paypal.

i transfer the domain immediately including set up the website into his new godaddy account then out from nowhere the site was down and this guy asked from paypal to give him the money back claiming that he didn’t receivedthe domain or what ever i promised him.

2 weeks after he open the dispute with paypal he got the money back and i lost the money and my business the worst part is paypal suspended my account and i can not longer open account with paypal.

can you please help me to find this guy and get my domain and business back ??

Thank You

David G*****



“haim feldman” is the biggest FRAUD on websitebroker.com.

he stolen so many websites and then re-sale them with pure profit.

im sure that from now on he probably will change his name so be carefulout there and make sure to sell your business only and after you checked your buyers with any possible way, the best way is to do it in person.