We all ways like to discuss with the people that report as scammer and maybe remove thire name from our website

we all ways run some test to find out if the info is true before we post it in our website in this case Mr. Asen Paskov from canada contact us :


A person called Jerry ************** hurts my reputation by publishing my personal information (passwords, emails, telephones). Also He is pretending that I am doing fraud as scammer. His posts are here: http://idontgiveascam.com . In a separate emails to me, he is asking me to pay him $$ in order to stop these defamatory actions. I have all emails as proves. This is pure online blackmail.

The site is hosted by ***************

I am asking to delete all information regarding my name and personal information. Your cooperation in preventing such online crimes is appreciated.

I am ready to provide you any additional information and proves.


Asen Paskov


After we try to call Mr. Asen we found out that he scam so many people on Yooker.com website more then 10 innocent people

Sorry Mr. Asen Paskov (if that your real name) we cant delete your info and we also notify the website owner and thy will suspend your account in a day or 2

we will keep you update