Well my friends we received many questions and 99% from all the questions is if the website X is legit or its a scam ???

this website was send to us many time by many good friends like you and we found out that 90% from the list belong to legit established business
look at the link https://sunshinesaving-com.pissedconsumer.com/sunshinesaving-com-201807211309202.html

I will add my comment next to each website legit or scam be noted that we did our investigation according to the respond that we received from the owners and the documents that we found on the web :
sunshinesaving.com – LEGIT
shopeforless.com – LEGIT
stopandshopmall.com – LEGIT
vortexambition.co.uk – SCAM
profitsconsultants.com – SCAM
Caseymorris.co.uk – LEGIT
Mindful marketing ltd – SCAM
Https://beta.companieshouse.gov.uk/company/11085525 – LEGIT
Mindfulpreneurs.com – LEGIT
Http://vortexambition.co.uk – LEGIT
Profitsconsultants.co.uk – LEGIT
Osa.me.uk – SCAM
Www.sterlingbusinesses.com – LEGIT
Synapse Solutions UK – LEGIT
Business Matters UK – LEGIT
They go by the names:
Jordan James Snell
Nathan Alan Coombe
Chris Funnell
Victoria Davis

WE ALSO FOUND OUT that the owner of the website that list the name of the websites/businesses are also trying to sell some of his business and because of the competitor seller he is trying to trash their name so be carful out there and always use a third party to sell or buy your next online business.