Here is an email I received from someone who felt like they have been scammed…


IS A: Flippa Website Sale

Message Body:

I don’t know much about Chantal-Louise. I did ask her for a full name and address and phone number. She told her Chantal-Louise Rodriguez or Rodrigues and she lives in the U.K. I do think that it’s true. She was acting if she was a trainer. Believe it or not, right before she left me hanging she asks me for a review. At that time, I was sure that everything was O.K.
So, this is her Skype ID: chantal-louise-r, e-mail: and
This is the instructions that she gave me when I was in the process of making the paypal payment “The payment to our Paypal account email address: You can either send payment to this email or I can request this to your email address, this is your choice,my boyfriends account, his email is”
She does have a profile on facebook. Who knows? the scammer might be using some unsuspected girl identity, but funny enough she had mentionned
“The warrior forum” and sure enough, she is selling website also on that site and offering advice. Here the link :

She mentioned that she usually sales her websites with website broker and I’ve mentionned “Dealasite” to her, she might be scamming more people over there. Something else I wanted to mention, the night that she was banned from Flippa.
There was a guy name “Tim Payne” who was giving her a hard time. He was also banned from Flippa and but he was right about her the whole time.
If you read this “Tim”. I want to let you know. “Flippa banned the wrong person you were trying to stop her from scamming people” This is all the information I have. Hope this helps.


Here are my thoughts…

Something smell bad the owner from the USA and not from UK as she mention and this is what i found about her history

Registrar History: 2 Registrars
NS History: 4 changes on 4 unique name servers over 9 years.
IP History : 9 changes on 9 unique name servers over 7 years.
Whois History: 1,069 records have been archived since 2003-01-26 .
Reverse IP: 18 other sites hosted on this server.
i would definitely recommend you not to have any business with her.