For a bit over a week we have been the subject of a major DDoS attack.  This type of attack has little to do with our servers and their security.  What happens in this type of attack is that someone creates a virus that infects unsecured PCs and uses them like zombies to flood a server with requests, causing it to become unstable and unreachable.

We were and are still under a major attack.  Don’t worry, this has nothing to do with your info and you are not at risk by posting here, commenting, etc…  The scammers just want to make you feel that you are. That being said, the scammer did also attack Clinton’s site because he too was on I Don’t Give a Scam outing frauds and scammers…

In fact, I got this message from “Santa Claus” moments before the attack majorly heightened and brought the server to its knees.

Chris, Clinton, Justin you are all foolish fools and I hate your pungent sites. You are scams and your federals will not care about your idiotic sites and silly conversations are ended. Merry Holidays. P.S. Thanks you for the direct link clinton to your site. Justin can you post yours please? Anyone else want to post a worthless scammy forum?

The comment was left on my “We Got Hacked” post.

It is beyond obvious that the meanie who launched the attack is someone I have outed as a scammer.  Perhaps Invictus7/SmartBusiness from Flippa or George Pappas Jr. or perhaps someone else who has been outed here.  Which means we are doing good work!

Oh, and George Pappas Jr. (and I will assume his girlfriend Jessica Briddes) did send this message recently:

how the hacking go scumbag? keep an eye on your back, your next ;)

Ahhh…  I don’t think Papas is capable of pulling off this kind of attack, but he could have hired someone.

Scammers, I want to congratulate you again!  This cost me an entire weekend with my family, several thousand dollars, and some peace of mind.  Hats off to your success!  Now, please understand… You are not going to get what you want by attacking me.  How is this going to keep escalating?  Several of you have now even sent me threats on my life.  What I have offered to you is a chance to reform your ways and become truly successful.  Maybe now it is time to take this offer before you spiral any further into darkness.  Scamming, now hacking and attacking?  What next? The ball is in your court.

By the way, for those of you who are curious the attack was specifically a SYN flood.