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Is this a scam or profitable?

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First off, there is a long road between scam and profitable.  Just because you don’t make money with something that was sold to you as a money making opportunity does not mean it was a scam.  At least in my book.  With the website flipping scams often highlighted on this site the “scam” part comes in because the website that is being sold has a listing that has fake/false claims about earnings, traffic, etc.

So, as long as you get the product when you order it (in general) this would not be a “scam” per-se.  However, that does not mean it is not junk…  Which is exactly what I think it is…

Look, how much farther do you need to look than to see that what is being offered here is the dream — HAVE NO KNOWLEDGE, INVEST NEXT-TO-NO-MONEY, SPEND NO TIME, DON’T WORK HARD, and MAKE MONEY ON AUTOPILOT.

Lucky for us Mr. Tim Yu (or Ewen Chia / Chia Ti Wah) has taken the time to write a guide so others can do what he does and make money doing nothing…  Of course do you want to take advice from Mr. Yu?  I mean on the one hand, he may be the nicest guy in the world — he found what amounts to a money tree (yes, a tree that grows money) and he is willing to spend all this time and resources writing a guide and website just so you can have this too!  And for only $17 bucks!  But realistically, I don’t know many people who generate “MASSIVE INTERNET INCOME FROM ANY NICHE ON COMPLETE AUTOPILOT” and then decide they need to work harder for the good of the others on the internet so they write a guide so you can do it too.

I mean, one of the easiest ways to fall into a “JUNK-TRAP” online is to get wrapped up in the notion that someone has discovered some big secret that means you can simply exchange money for more money.  That is what Mr Chia (Yu) is saying, right?  You give him $17 and he gives you thousands, no, hundreds of thousands, no, wait — unlimited money in return.  After all, if you have to do (next-to) NOTHING but pay him $17 to get unlimited cash in return, then he might as well just trade funds with you…  Right?

Mr. Wah is selling you information on how to start and autoblog…  “Fresh content daily” that you do not have to write.  So WHERE do you think the content is coming from?  Well, it MUST be from others.  Your autoblog is simply using what others have written and copying it onto your site.  Is this illegal?  Nope.  Many authors are happy to allow you to use their works on your site.  But the question is, is it valuable!? Well, if everyone in the world can put the same information on their site (autoblog) then what value does it have to you?  You can be one of the many people who have this “fresh content” on your site.  And if the idea is that search engines are going to rank you high because you have so much “fresh content” you should read up on what search engines think about duplicate content.

I don’t want to go on all day on this subject — I have work to do!  So I will close with this…  When checking out ANY opportunity simply ask yourself — does this sound like reality as I know it?  Or does this sound like a fantasy?  Ignore the hype!  Remember, just because there is hype doesn’t mean an opportunity is not good, however you must look at the offer through a hype-free lens and see if there is anything to it but hype.  If someone is claiming you can buy something for very little money that will make you tons of money with no work — well, you know what the reality is, don’t you?

Thanks for writing me.  Take care.

IMPORTANT NOTE ON INVESTING: You should never waste money — be it $17 or $17,000,000…  So it is great to give due diligence to any product before you buy it.  However, if you are worried about investing in a product because you cannot afford to waste the money (lose it) then you are NOT ready to be investing.  Always ONLY invest what you can afford to lose.  Every business investment is a risk.  Invest only what you can afford to lose.

IMPORTANT NOTE ON CLICKBANK: This product is sold through ClickBank.  Any product sold through ClickBank will have a money back guarantee that WILL be honored.  So, you do not really need to have fear when buying one of these products.  If it doesn’t live up to the hype, return it. However, you must be ethical and honest.  You should not return something just because you changed your mind or because you want the information for free.  Authors work hard to write these books and build their sites…  Honor that with your integrity — only returning goods that have failed to meet their hype, not your personal desire.