This is nothing new, just another seller “flipping websites” on the Flippa marketplace — websites full of nothing but feeds of other sites.  SiteSales09 is offering everything from shopping sites fed from to search engines powered by Google Adsense.  These sites are advertised as:

  • Completely Automated
  • Unlimited Income Potential
  • Potentially Makes Thousands per Month with Little Effort
  • Huge Revenue Potential
  • Incredible Opportunity

What the seller fails to mention is that sites like these are a dime-a-dozen.  Or, more accurately a dime-a-million!!  Folks, I cannot say it enough…  When a site offers nothing but duplicate content, product feeds, and ZERO innovation it is going to be nearly IMPOSSIBLE to make money with one of these sites.  Next time you see a site like this for sale, ask the seller this question…  “Can you give me a few examples of these sites that you are operating and profiting with?”

See what they come up with — ask to see PROOF OF INCOME for those sites.  If they cannot provide any (similar) sites that they are profiting with you have some telling evidence.  They may respond with “well, I build these sites to sell, I don’t build sites for myself” and then you can inquire why a seller SiteSale09 would pass on a site with “unlimited profit potential” by one that is limited by their ability to produce quality sites.  One would assume that “quality sites” cannot be thrown together in a few hours, no?

I pose the same question to SiteSale09…  Can you show me some of these sites YOU have and are profiting with?  After all, it is easy, automated, and has unlimited potential…  Right?