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Subject: Is purchase of blog legitimate

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There is a particular offer on this website that I would like to know if it is real or not. The website is

Basically each blog is part of a network of about 2000 blogs. He calls it the Blog Ads Network.
He indicates to you that by purchasing one of these all you have to do is copy and paste articles to the blog of which you are being paid by other website to put them their. The network supplies you with the articles every day.
You can make a purchase for any amount from $100 to $30000. If you purchase for $100 the income generated will be between $17 and $20 a month or invest $1000 the income will be about $170 a month and so on up to $30000 where the income would be $5000 or more.
Is all of this possible. He would either start a new blog for you or give you one that is already generating income. He also guarantees your money back if you are not happy.
Could you please tell me if this opportunity is on the up and up.Thank you very much,

Jeff, I don’t have to look very far into this one to tell you it is not legit. All they are giving you is a pop-up wordpress blog with recycled content. The blog isn’t even well setup. It is terrible.  If the fact that their “PayPal Screenshot” shows their browser to be in a foreign language and that their testimonials all link to junk look-alike blogs then I don’t know what is…  STAY AWAY.  This is clearly garbage!