Here is an email I received…



IS A: Website for Sale

Message Body:

About 3 months back i saw this blog up for sale and i like the design and hv
personally contact the designer thru this email ald****** to get a
blog setup.

Happened to come across your site about people getting scammed at flippa
so i would like you to investigate to protect my hard earn money :)

Thanks very much

Best Regards

Here is what I think…

Well, the site you like is a NASTY AUTOBLOG made with the “Lifestyles” theme from StudioPress.

So, the question becomes what exactly are you buying and for how much?  If you just like the design then as long as it is a licensed copy of the theme you have no problem.  But you may be better off getting it from the actual source.

If you like the natural cures blog because you think a site like that, with no original design and no original content can make money then I would recommend looking elsewhere.  You are not going to make money with an autoblog!

Good luck, let me know if you have more questions.